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Maylin Beimbet «A red army soldier’s house»

Негізгі тіл: Дом красноармейца

Бастапқы авторы: Maylin Beimbet

Аударма авторы: not specified

Дата: 19 наурыз 2015

Even his name - and that rarely came onto the paper. Once, however, it was found in the list of aul ruler, and during the elections Buzaubak Tmakbaev was mentioned along with everyone. At first he even felt something like pride because, like all decent people, he also found himself in some papers and had just like them his own name, but in time together with the name, the tax was stuck to him and an aulnay didn’t let him pass. The Aulnay then was ohalnik Ahmetzhan, who was famous for his erected moustache throughout the district. He was not to be trifled with, and he used to just grab poor Buzaubak by his throat.

- Oh, son of a dog! Bastard! What the hell did you defile paper by your name? If you can not pay the tax, there is no need to be registered among the owners.

Bazaubak in such cases would willingly vanish into thin air.

- Well, what shall I do, my dear, - he mumbled guiltily. – It wasn’t me who signed up for, but Alish recorded in the year of elections. It occurred to him to increase the number of households ... There isn’t any… Sorry, dear, your worthless, useless brother …

 Buzaubak said nothing more, only timidly, with a prayer looked at the oppressor. His only fortune was a brown cow. A calf was led away from the yard every year by aulnay for taxes. On such a sad day and Buzaubak’s wife, Aizhan, violently abused her unlucky husband:

You really should have got in the list! Unhappy thing, you’d better sit quietly, don’t rock the boat!..

- Um, all right, my wife - soothed her Buzaubak. – Perhaps it’ll get along.

Sometimes by a peaceful conversation the couple cursed the aulnay and his list in a striped korzhun in two voices.

- If you got caught in my hands - would burn! - threatened Aizhan.

Now the only word "Tmakbaev" written on the paper, seemed to him more horrible than the angel of death - Azrael. Buzaubak, taught by bitter experience, advised his peers, poor guys, "Look, do not get on the paper. Otherwise, no end of trouble."

 Already, later, in the first years after the revolution, his surname captured on the paper, also did not bring Buzaubak any joy .Some Duisenbai, a work assigner, shouted at him in a day or two:

- Harness a horse! Your turn!

And soon, his only horse was exhausted, became mangy and loose. Buzaubak sometimes tried to say this, but Duisenbai interrupted him immediately.

- Here, do you see the list? - He growled. - What does it say? "Tmakbaev". So shut up!

"I wonder how can I do so that my name was nowhere by no one ever mentioned?" – Sometimes Buzaubak thought to himself. One day, he was carrying a school inspector on his bullock cart and asked him on the way.

- Tell me, my dear, you're after all an educated person. How can I completely erase the name on the list?

The inspector did not understand at once, he had to explain, and then the inspector said:

- Let your list never bother you anymore. The times when people were frightened by them, now passed. You yourself are hosts now.

Buzaubak stared wide-eyed in surprise at the Inspector, thinking «What does this stranger talking about?»

However, since then there have been several changes! Moustached Ahmetzhan, the former aulnay, now even doesn’t dare to go to the meeting, to say nothing of yelling at people. Yesterday's farmhand Ermakan has now become a chairman of the aul council, and Buzaubak easily communicate with him. Buzaubak himself was also once elected to the Council, and once even went to the parish Congress. Now he would sometimes say to his wife:

- My wife, hey, the wife! How nice that I was not dropped from the list, eh?

But Aizhan does not mind to take this merit for her own.

-Didn’t I tell you that? If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have been in the list long ago!

Still after some time, life did change at all. All the work in the village was carried out by youth. Beardless lads satin the Councils, ran the farm adroitly and skillfully. Someone of the turned grey elderly, began to warm themselves by the fire.

- That's all-they said. –We worked of four own. Now the time is for the young.

Buzaubak also began to ponder. His son Andamas was twenty already. From his early age he broke his back for a bayas a farm laborer. «If he weren’t a farm laborer, having taken up some trade, he would work now not worse than his peers activists " - thought Buzaubak. But Andamas had no education. He didn’t even know how to read and write. And then he had to blame himself, "Why didn’t I teach him in his childhood?..»

Once he started an intimate conversation with his son.

- Look, - he told his son - your peers have all come to their senses .They are working. And you're still running errands for the bay. That’s enough! We’ll not die. Make your way in the world. Don’t lag behind your fellows!

And after that conversation he went immediately to the Chairman of aulcouncil and said,

- Ermakan! Cross out Buzaubak Tmakbaev in the list and write down instead: "Andamas Buzaubakov"!

So it was done away with the unfortunate name Tmakbaev. Hereafter, such didn’t exist on the paper.

And Andamas, as soon as he finished working as a farm laborer for the bay, immediately plunged into the aul matters. He never missed any meeting. During the last elections he was elected to the aulcouncil.

- Old man, hey, old man! Do you notice at least that your son has grown up, became a skillful horseman? – Aizhan more often nagged to her husband.

She had her own point of view. In the village Buzaubak hadn’t been taken seriously before. They said of him not otherwise as "harmful", "tramp", "beggar". And now, in the eyes of the authorities Buzaubak was more honorable than those who owned herds. Previously such as Marzhanbike , looked down on  Aizhan , didn’t  allow to approach them, but now they  invite themselves to their houses ,treat mare's milk , share secrets , like old friends . Marzhanbike has a quite decent daughter of marriageable age. That’s on her, Aizhan is keeping an eye. One day she noticed half-jokingly, half seriously: "I'm just going to arrange a match with your daughter for my Andamas "Marzhanbike said immediately," And I don’t wish anybody better than Andamas for my daughter."

Since then Aizhan never left her husband in peace.

- I do not know ... - delayed Buzaubak uncertainly. - They might require a redemption. And then the guy should be also asked.

Sometimes Ermakan, the aul authority looked in to them. Aizhan bothered him too:

- Listen, darling. You’d better marry your brother, our son and would lead to our house some girl, would gladden us old people. Isn’t it high time?

Ermakan wasn’t against Andamas’ marriage but he didn’t even want to listen about Marzhanbike’s daughter.

Hey, auntie, put it out of your head. Why do you need such a daughter –in-law-a kulak daughter?

- Well, what are you talking about! -  Aizhan was struck.

- Can she also be a kulak?

After long talks with Buzaubak Aizhan chose Seker. However, she is not as good-looking as the kulak daughter, but she is a brisk, capable and smart girl. Also - according to rumors - the young had for each other attraction, and perhaps something more serious. Now it mattered, because Aizhan heard that from now any non-consensual marriage is declared null and void.

When it came to this, Andamas laughed embarrassedly:

- I do not know...

Later, having learnt about this, Seker, in private made ​​fun of him:

- What kind of answer is that? "I do not know... "Is that the way to reply the elderly? Who must know for you? Am I, or who?

Autumn came .The aul came alive. People handed in crop excesses into cooperative and got tea, sugar, fabric, different products. Buzaubak led Andamas to a barn on the precipice. He loaded five sacks of grain on a cart and wheedled Idris’ bull, harnessed and sent his son to the city.

- Go and buy everything you need. It’s necessary to wear a bride, as it should be.

- And take a chest along. To keep different trifles, ordered Aizhan and listed everything that should be bought…


Having passed the grain into the cooperative, Andamas went to the store and suddenly ran into Kusan from a neighbour village. It was a quick-witted, sneaky horseman, besides educated a little. His clothes fitted neatly and smartly. At the flea market he got an old overcoat and now sported in it.

- Why do you need to start a family? You need to study! Let's go with me to the military school - he suggested.

 At first Andamas was even embarrassed to hear about it. What’s the point of talking about education, if a person has seen in his life and knows nothing but work? It is ridiculous! But it was only the very first thought. The next moment, somewhere in the depths of his heart, timidly some doubt began to move: "Why not? Here I up and go! "Feeling that his friend was hesitating, Kusain did not give him time to recover. He kept talking, painted all sorts of benefits and merits of the military school, drew numerous temptations and Andamas finally faltered.

- And maybe really try? - He asked.

-Let's go! - Pulled him Kusain. –No need to think over! Let's go!

They decided to go to the military commissariat. Andamas trusted his friends-fellow travelers the cart and other belongings. The bulls - red and black - indifferently chewing endless gum, lazily shaking their heavy heads – followed him with their eyes, as if asking him "Oh, my friend, for whom are you leaving us, then?"


The village was surprised to learn that Andamas went to school. Some shook their heads dejectedly:

- And what did it come into his head? Going to get married and suddenly ran away! What will be now with his bride?

Others, on the contrary, approved of the horseman:

- Andamas is likely to come to his senses! Well done!

Aizhan sighed and nagged her husband:

- The old man, explain, what does it mean?

Buzaubak himself was dissatisfied that his son had left without asking, but he understood that he couldn’t be returned and the best thing – was to submit with what had happened.

- Well then, such was his wish, - he said. - Well, then let him learn!

Aunts, aul gossips, pinched themselves by the cheeks with surprise and felt sorry for the bride.

- Oh, our pretty girl, what did your betrothed act out? How could he leave you?                      

- No matter, - smiled back Seker. He has no place to go .He’ll be back!                         

All only talked about Andamas’ study, but what was it like, no one really imagined. Especially perplexed, was, of course, Buzaubak. At the word "military" he invariably seemed to seea soldier. And the Kazakhs had feared soldiers from time immemorial. In the sixteenth year, how all the steppe was alarmed, when the tsar made up his mind to employ horseman for rear works! People left livestock, their homes. The house from which a man had left for the front, wore mourning. The Kazakhs are not even worth talking about. Take, for example, the neighbors- Uruses. When the time to give a son to the army approached, the trouble began: all acquired was spent on fees, the expenses couldn’t be counted, and the parents were buried waist-deep in debt. And the boys themselves, the recruits were crying and getting drunk to disgust, to distraction .I wonder where is now a military school situated? Maybe now a military man is taught differently? "- Thought Buzaubak but couldn’t find a clear answer to his questions. In a word, Andamas’ sudden departure to the military school remained a mystery for the most in the village.

Winter sneaked up. An icy wind furiously pounced upon Buzaubak’s dugout and blew all the heat out. It was getting cold and uncosy, as in the barn. The blizzard did not calm down, howling from all angles. Buzaubak and Aizhan was stretching the old dried skin  near the stove  and sat down side by side, snuggling up to  each other. They felt themselves lonely and depressed. On the one hand, they were depressed by their son’s unexpected act, he wanted to get married, but went to study on the other hand, they were perplexed by all the rumors and gossips, circulating about the aul. Especially Marzhanbike made every effort. Aizhan’s son made up his mind to become a Red Army soldier, well, they sent a poor fellow to the war with the Chinese, - she said. How luckily that I did not give him my daughter!

 Having heard such, Aizhan got enraged and snapped back;

- And thanks God that my son hasn’t mixed up with the daughter of this kulak. All the same, he would leave her. And why is this worthless woman babbling? She’d better shut up!

Sometimes, when the elderly were particularly painful, Seker visited them, according to the gossips; Seker would not wait for the groom the fugitive, but would marry someone else. However, it seemed that the girl wasn’t thinking about anything like that. On the contrary, she became even much closer to Andamas’ parents. Previously, she called Aizhan "She she" - my mother, now she began to call her still more respectfully «azhe" - grandmother. Calling Aizhan, she helped her with the housework and the work prospered in her hands. Aizhan admired her, sighing dreamily: "The old man, oh, the old man! Do you notice? We won’t grieve if Shekerzhan is our daughter-in-law! "

A frosted door creaked open .Ermakan entered, rolling over. The old men stared at the aulcouncil chairman. "Maybe some kind of message from Andamas?"

- I’ve brought you one ... paper –said, smiling, Ermakan.

- What kind of paper?

- I do not know. Signed: "To Buzaubak Tmakbaev."

Buzaubak rolled his colourless eyes, frowned:

- Haven’t you deleted me from the list?

- Don’t fear. It must be something else. Apparently, a letterform Andamas.

From these words, the old man and woman almost jumped up .They opened the envelope and took out a piece of used up paper and a photo. Oh, that's my dearest! - Aizhan cried and hugged the photo to her chest.

Andamas was photographed in a uniform and with guns. It was clear, he wanted to surprise and please the parents simultaneously .The old people eagerly looked at the photo, grabbed it from each other's hands. Yesterday's aul lad in a hardened fur coat, in broken in, worn down, rawhide boots; now in military clothes looked as if a true  horseman .

Aizhan cried of deep emotions and joy:

- My dearest! My son!

And did not want to let the card go of her hands. She pressed it to herself all the time.

The letter was written by Andamas and Buzaubak was surprised: "He left his house almost four months ago. I’ve never sat before mullah in all my life. How did he manage to master reading and writing during such a short period? "In his opinion literacy was unreachable as the stars in the sky.

Andamas’ photo went from house to house throughout the aul. First of all Aizhan showed it to Seker. She could not tear her eyes from the card.

- How handsome he is here - she sighed.

- If you like, dear, take it! - Suddenly blurted Aizhan .Seker blushed, grabbed the photo, wrapped in a blue silk handkerchief and hid it in her breast pocket of her coat.

 Andamas and Kusainov’s letter excited the whole district. Some of the envious people pulled their nose scornfully:

- Hey, it's all nonsense! Well, a soldier! What of that aren’t there enough such soldiers?

However, these letters produced ​​a lasting impression upon the young people. Andamas was known in the village as a shy and quiet fellow. And the fact that he suddenly decided to study, left to enter, Red Army School and changed himself so abruptly, it could strike anyone. Such as Shaldybay from his childhood grown up with Andamas and working for Rahimberdy, after these letters and photos completely lost the rest. Shaldybay forced his friend to read the letter thousand times. Every day he would walk after Seker, pleaded to take a look at the photo again. Then five horsemen led by Shaldybay sent Andamas a letter:

"Ask in your school: let them accept us too. I am Shaldybay, Kyrmanbay’s son, if I’m alive next autumn I’ll necessarily arrive to you. The holy duty of the students in your school is to protect the country from enemies and these enemies are – bays, we were ready to fight with their rabble!.. "

This was the first letter he received from his native village.

The news of her son made Aizhan happy. Buzaubak also was raised up to the heavens. Seker got Andamas’ photo, and Buzaubak- his letter. From now the proud father spun around those who knew the letter. Having met those, he would hand a rumpled, scruffy piece of paper and asked:

- My dear, the letter from my son. Be so kind, read it.

 Red Army soldier‘s letter was read willingly and Buzaubak listened, bowing his head low. The only one, who had offended him firmly, was Mullah Abdrahman.

-The letters are Russian - he said. - I do not understand them.

Buzaubak taken aback, not knowing whether to believe him or not.

 The other one frowned, probably wanted to scare him even more.

- Yes, my venerable, the bad times have come. We don’t see the Koran letters, the holy letters of our faith any more. And this is not a letter; it is so – devil’s scrawls!

Buzaubak was offended. This shabby dared to call his son’s letter Satan’s scrawls? Silently, he went out of Abdrakhman – mullah’s house. And he said at home:

- My wife! Since that, do not come close to the mullah’s threshold. He turned to be a real dog! I even wish never saw his face!


The authorized agent began to visit the aul frequently. There is a meeting in the aulcouncil every blessed day. Buzaubak was also invited, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to approach him closely.

- I have nothing to do there, dear - he used to say - I am not in the list now. When Andamas returns, he will go to your meeting. In the meantime, try to get along.

Then they decided on a trick. "Oy bay - ah! –Some of the activists were struck. – Is it decent of the Red Army soldier’s father to be absent at the meeting?" After these words Buzaubak growled but went.

- Do not be lazy, old man - cheered up her husband Aizhan. - Go! Or accidentally you’ll harm our darling.

Thus, Buzaubak, who doesn’t accept any meeting for two years, having become the father of the Red Army soldier did not miss any meeting in the village.

Who knows whether seriously, whether jokingly, but each time when the authorized agent came, Ermakan with outstretched arms, smiling generously, met Buzaubak, took him by the arm, a clumsy, awkward old man in the old - hardened fur coat, seated at an honorable place, and began to present solemnly:

- This man is our venerable Buzaubak, the father of the Red Army soldier. His son, Andamas is studying in the military school voluntarily. The authorized agent in such cases usually used to stand up,  shook Buzaubak’s hand, and the old man's head at this moment did not reach  the sky just a little, well, maybe the thickness of two fingers. His foes’ bellies almost burst with envy. Many at that time dreamed definitely to send their sons to the military school.

In autumn, when the harvest was gathered, each handed out his excess to the state. Buzaubak met Ermakan, and wondered:

- What shall I do?

- You know himself, - answered Ermakan.

-Well, of course, he must know himself. If the Red Army is the protection and support of the working people, and Buzaubak is the father of one of such defenders, he is, naturally, supposed to know everything himself.

- What shall we do, my wife? –Buzaubak consulted Aizhan, and the latter, who was provident and thrifty –gave him to understand she did not want to part with the excess grain. All their life they were poor, but because of Aizhan’s prudence and accuracy, they, you might say, had never particularly lived in poverty.

- Stop it, don’t be greedy, do not be stingy. The authorized agent told me, and I understood. The excess is to be handed over to the state. It’s no good for me at all, as for the father of a Red Army soldier, to grip the excess, as if a kulak does. And you, I know, have something else from the last year. It‘ll be enough for both of us ... So, the wife, we’ll hand over those two barns!

Would earlier Buzaubak have dared to say that? Aizhan would not have given him to open his mouth! But now it’s another matter. If Buzaubak is the father of the Red Army soldier, Aizhan is his mother. If the father is seeking to strengthen the glory and honor of the Red Army, how can’t the mother wish this?

- Hand over, hand over the old man, - agreed Aizhan sincerely.

The aulcouncil was full of people when Buzaubak came and announced that he would hand over the state twenty pounds of grain. Ermakan smiled him and asked:

- So, was anything left for subsistence?

- Not only for subsistence, but for seeds still will be enough - the old man smiled proudly.

Some thievish businessmen, one of those who always hang around at the office and catches different rumors-loose- talks, significantly exchanged glances during the conversation and began to whisper:

- The old man absolutely got mad. He’ll give everything to the last, and he can easily point at us. Do not expect anything good from such a guy. We’ll have, perhaps, to hand over the excess, while the going is good, until he doesn’t call the troubles!

There is the news in the village whatever a day. Recently there’s one word on everyone’s lips - the farm. The authorized agent brought the word, and, according to his words, it wasn’t dreadful at all, as some claimed.

 Buzaubak was elected the chairman of the meeting and was seated next to the authorized agent. The old man took out his old tobacco pouch from his fur coats pocket and stuffed the mouth and the authorized agent asked him:

- Does it mean that you are the father of the Red Army soldier?.. Good! I was also in the ranks of the Red Army. He took the tobacco pouch from foal skins, from the old man’s hands and tossed a pinch of tobacco on his palm.

"How can it be? - Wondered Buzaubak then. - If he is a Red Army soldier, why is he here? They saying the village that the soldier does nothing but military matters. "

The news of the collective farm excited everybody in the aul and all made a real fuss:

- They say, the cattle and the property will be common!

- They say, there won’t be any personal liberty!..

- That’s a lie! I was sitting next to the authorized agent after all .He said nothing of that sort - Buzaubak was trying to object gossips, but very few people listened to him.

- Well, of course, what does he have to say? After all, he is the father of the Red Army soldier! - People shrugged their shoulders .And people from the aul began to decline not only Buzaubak but also Sabyrov in every possible way. After all Sabir - the father of Seker, so to say, the future father-in-law of the Red Army soldier.

- Sabir is also going to join the collective farm - there was a talk among people. - It is clear!

Recent talkative activists suddenly fell silent and began to whisper .For those like Bukaba collectivization wasn’t obviously to their liking, and they scared people by collective farm, suppressed total impulse.

- They said after all: everyone joins the farm according to his wish…

But different rascals and agitators, like Eskendir, incited to slaughter the cattle on the sly:

- Still you won’t escape from the farm. Take advantage of your belongings, until the cattle are still in your hands.

Some with panic really quickly cut out the youth.

Turbulent life came into the villages.

Women also were not standing on the sidelines .And how! Just they more than anybody else blew up evil rumors. The worst, most ridiculous rumors came from them.

- Who said that?

- My father-in–law- bay said.

- But who said this?

-My father-in-law -did...

The gossip grew, bloated, overgrown with details .Discords also grew along with it. As a result, women were split into two groups: one called "communists”, others - "bays." Then men also were divided along this boundary lines. At every meeting or assembly these two groups argued and fought until they were hoarse.

Soon one more authorized agent came from the district, he had to pose the question of collective farms in a serious way. Some of the families that had classified themselves as "communists" before, now visibly hesitated .They were getting timid, cautious.

- Let the people join, and we’ll have no place to go - said almost every second.

Seker, still modestly keeping silent, according to the “custom”, then suddenly asked:

- And what about us?

- What do you mean by this? - roared her mother, an old woman Azhar.

- Or do we have the cattle nowhere to go?

- But we need to join the farm, Mom, - insisted Seker. - Remember that your son-in-law is the red army soldier.

 Azhar did not know what to respond to this. Then she told her husband her daughter’s words, and Sabir muttered:

- If it’s necessary, then we’ll join!

Then Seker went to Buzaubak. The old man and the old woman were sitting leaning against the stove, and led a peaceful conversation. Seker knelt besides, took out the needlework of Aizhan’s hands. Where was it ever heard that Aizhan trusted someone her affairs? But she had not only asked anyone for anything, but did not dare even, because she herself, consider, all her life had worked as a farm labor for bay.

Seker was sewing and Aizhan with Buzaubak admired her without a break. How nice and pleasant of her! She came easily without ceremony and set to work, just like at home.

But in fact, the work isn’t someone else’s, and the house is not strange to her. Who else will take care of the old man and the old woman, if she does not? All the care in the future rests on her shoulders...

Ah, the Kazakhs, the Kazakhs! How many disgusting, worthless customs you’ve got! How could a girl of marriageable age in the old days come so easily to the groom's house and do embroidery? After all, according to the custom she is to beware of her groom’s parents for the time being as if of thieves or lepers...

But from the very beginning Seker behaved differently. And the reason was that, first, all lived in the same village, and secondly, Aizhan neither reproached nor oppressed the future daughter-in-law, believing she was dependent only upon her son. And it was the most sensible thing in their relationship. Old men like children, were pleased to see Seker.

Seker drew Aizhan aside and began advising with her concerning some cases, there were two of them: to join the collective farm and to join the Komsomol. Aizhan replied the first question without hesitation.

-Her father gave his word already that would join the farm.

And as for Seker’s joining the Young Communist League the old woman found it difficult to answer definitely.

- I do not know, darling. How Andamas will perceive it - who knows...

- But he, of course, will be delighted. – Seker smiled.

- Are you sure? – Aizhan hesitated.

- Why, of course! If he is a Red Army soldier, then, too, he’s in the Komsomol. And if so, then, will be glad that I am a Komsomol member!

- Well, then join, honey. Join! – Aizhanagreed immediately.

When the old woman told her husband about it, he smiled with pleasure:

- Yes, yes, now the Komsomol is in search of the young people. Well done! Or then, I was thinking all the time, whom from my relatives I would sign to the Komsomol. After all, I won’t be taken.

At the meeting on which it came to the creation of the collective farm «Tendyk» ("Equality "), Buzaubak was the first to take the floor.

- My dear! - He said. – I’ve never anywhere got out first. I think it is now my turn has come. Put down me the very first in your list.

Thus, the list of the collective farm “Tendyk” began with the name Buzaubak Tmakbaev. This time, his own name on the paper didn’t seem to him so terrible and frightening. On the contrary, it seemed to him that even these very letters were laughing and cheering.

Following Buzaubak, the matchmaker Sabyr enrolled in the farm. Well, and then one by one stood up the Communists and Komsomol members.


Two years later, the life on the farm “Tendyk” became unrecognizable. The aul was transformed. New houses grew up in the place of the dugouts .The old aul was coming apart at the seams. Bays were dispossessed and exiled. The poor and middle peasants rallied.

Advanced labor, socialist competition became usual. A great number of talented, efficient activists came out from among the young of the aul environment. Seker also distinguished: learned to read and write, got involved in the work of the collective farm management, - became the head of the advanced women's team. More than once she made agreements with the men's teams, joined socialist competitions and won the first prizes.

-Dear Seker ah, look, you’ll kill us with your competitions–aul ants laughed and joked.

It was possible to hide foals with their heads in the grass at the floodplain. But recently, after all, bay Rahimberdy owned all this farmland. Now it was quite enough for the whole farm. Mow only gets on the ball! Three teams had been mowing hay in the floodplain of the river for the third day already. One team was working on a mowing machine, the other was decimating by hand, and the third - women were gathering hay in haycocks and stacks .White kerchiefs and other women’s hairdressers flashed on the mowed meadow, just like seagulls on the beach.

- Well, let’s work more unwittingly! – Seker egged on.

Women skillfully wielded a rake. On the green meadow, stretching away like a blanket, hills of hay grew up one after the other here and there.

- Shekerzhan, honey, when will our son-in-law come? - Zeynep laughed. Women love to make fun of their young foreman. Some even composed sad love poems, and attributed them to Seker. Saying, she composed them, while languishing on darling. Seker, however, didn’t got angry at these jokes, smiling as if nothing had happened.

And yet sometimes freed from work, gloomy thoughts often visited the girl. Why isn’t he coming? If he weren’t allowed, so at least, he would write her just a few little words ... Or does he think that she is so clumsy and helpless as before? That she doesn’t depart from her hearth at any single step? That Seker doesn’t exist anymore. She became sad of these thoughts, and the girls’ eyebrows met together at the nose bridge. Seeing this, Zeynep started to egg her on , and she again became merry and relaxed .Today  Seker was disappointed by another thing .Tansykbay, a good-for-nothing  woman, who could easily  manage without any bread, but, let  her  only gossip -continually gathered  women around  and ventured endless conversations. The work at this time, of course, didn’t go on. If she didn’t find any excuse for doing nothing, a lazy bone used to fall down on the hay and began to moan: - Oybay, my chest swelled with milk! Oybay, my nipples swelled, I suppose, my baby might be hungry, crying...

Seker was angry .The woman’s cunning habit was well known to her .Who would speak about maternal love but not she. She felt neither pity nor love to her own children even the least, pounding them by anything she could get her hands on: Oh, what the hell? Doland swallow you! "And now all of a sudden she started talking about her breasts, remembered her baby. It’s good, that since last year the children of such stupid women were brought up in a kindergarten. How many times Seker had to run and bustle about, while she managed to open a kindergarten in the village! Now many farmers willingly bring their children there...

On one of those busy working days the team leader’s brother rushed on his bay horse. He was riding his bobtail haircut horse so violently, that it was all wet, and indeed the rider barely breathed.

- Oh! - He cried when he saw his sister, and choked. - Andamas arrived!

Women immediately stopped working and were stared at the girl .Either from embarrassment, or from joy Seker’s cheeks flushed, and her eyes looked down. The sun was bowing to the horizon, when the team returned to the village .Just a few people were standing near Buzaubak’s house. Among them Andamas stood out in grey breeches, a tight -fitting shirt with buttonholes, with two little stars, in the straps. Seker saw him from a distance. He also saw her.

The girl was shy to come to her beloved in the presence of all the people, or perhaps, at first wanted to go home- to wash, comb her hair and dress up. Lowering her head, she turned to the side, but Andamas ran to meet her. - Hey, mate, where are you going? Hold it! - He laughed.

Seker blushed, frozen in place. He came up, greeted her, took her by the hand. Aizhan looked at them in front of their house and smiled.

- Be happy, my children! - She whispered.

Buzaubak was standing at the entrance to the collective farm’s smithy with a hammer on his shoulder. A satisfied smile was wandering his face too…


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