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The world will be saved by beauty!...

08.03.2017 1336

The world will be saved by beauty!

The world will be saved by beauty! -

The world will be saved by beauty!

Those who have lived a lot in the world,

Who knows the old man from time to time,

We are sure that we have noticed for a long time

The truth of life is very simple -

The world will be saved by beauty!

And the beauty and youth in our life -


And beauty and youth -

Eternal, not divisible!

The wisdom of the mature is always proud -

Let the world before her get up on her knees!

We respect it with dignity,

But we believe -


Youth will only save!

And if it happens,

Some do not like it,

How young in life go -

Let them not grumble!

Let them try to love the young


Let them remember themselves young,

And the stupid envy of the heart will go away.

Were they different then?

Now the beauty of them

In grandchildren blooms.

And life on earth will be


Let his time continue to fly -

Beauty of the young and love -

Are endless,

And this is our world, undoubtedly, will save!

So let love, beauty -

This youth is passionate,

On our land dares, creates,

Let the affairs of their beautiful

To the whole UNIVERSE

Always rings!

Love the same, mature, beauty young!

Believe in it!

Time will come -

Our fragile world and earthly life

That beauty, undoubtedly,

Will save!

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