Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Musrepov Gabit

Musrepov Gabit

Gabit Musirepov (1902 — 1985) was born on 22 March 1902 (9 March according to the Julian calendar) in a village located in Kostanay region, then belonging to the Russian Empire. Between 1923 and 1926, he studied at the Faculty of Workers in Orenburg, and then at the agroeconomic University in Omsk. He started his literary career in 1925, writing his first story, To the abyss (В пучине) in 1928, about events that occurred during the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920. In 1928, he collaborated with the literary journal Jana-Adabiet (Жана-Адабиет). Among his workds stand out Kyz-Zhibek (Қыз Жібек), first libretto to a Kazakh opera, with music by Yevgeny Brusilovsky, and The tragedy of the poet (Трагедия поэта), written in 1958 (first version titled Ақан сері Ақтоқты, 1942), that dealt with the tragedy of Ajani, a Kazakh singer and composer of the 19th century. 

He was President to the Union of Kazakh Writers between 1956–1962 and 1964–1966, Secretary of the Union of Soviet Writers (1959) and a member of the 5th Convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. He died on December 31, 1985. 

Short stories 
Pair of Lakes (Қос шалқар, 1929), Urgent (Шұғыла, 1933), Stubby nostril (Талпақ танау, 1933) 

Kazakh Soldier (Қазақ солдаты, 1949), The Awakening of the Region (Оянған өлке, 1953), Ulpan (Ұлпан, 1976) 

Kyz-Zhibek (Қыз Жібек, 1934), music by Yevgeny Brusilovsky, Amangeldi (Амангелді, 1937) Kozbye-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu (Қозы Көрпеш Баян сұлу, 1939), Poet's tragedy (Трагедия поэта, 1958)