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The Beauty Within African Clothing Design


23 марта 2021

The Beauty Within African Clothing Design

It's no secret that African fashion is a global trendsetter, having been worn by many a celebrity in recent years. The African prints and clothing designs that have made their way into the mainstream spotlight are the bright, bold and colorful ensembles that include the traditional garments of the countries that specialize in them Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya.


The traditional dashiki is a style of African clothing that consists of a brightly colored top, an equally colorful wrap-around skirt and check this link to buy dashiki. The top is often made out of a light fabric like cotton, while the skirt may be made of a heavier material like velvet.


But there's a lot more to African fashion than that. Some lesser-known countries like Mali and Togo are moving beyond their regional specialties and designing garments that are distinctly African, but subtler than their more vibrant neighbors. From the kente cloth of Ghana to the wax-printed cotton of Uganda and the bright, colorful dashikis of the Democratic Republic


Diversity of Africa

As the world's most populous continent, Africa is a place that offers a lot of diversity. The continent is home to many different cultures and languages and of course, many different styles of clothing. While there is a common misconception that Africa is a single country, in reality it is home to 54 countries that span thousands of miles. This means that Africa is a continent of both “rich and poor” countries, and it also means that the majority of African clothing design is as varied as you can imagine.


Types of African Clothing Design

Historically, African clothing is known for its vibrant colours and unique, intricate patterns, but there is far more to it than that. The different styles of African clothing reflect different themes, philosophies, and influences. Although more modern influences have taken their place, traditional African clothing remains popular clothing in its place of origin, and is often worn to celebrate major life events such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, and more.

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