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'Kipchak beauty’ by a prominent Qazaq writer Mukhtar Magauin

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'Kipchak beauty’ by a prominent Qazaq writer Mukhtar Magauin

The story ‘Kipchak Beauty’, published in 2001, was very well received by the public thanks to its topical relevance and unusualness.

Sarzhan, a young and promising sculptor, dreams of creating a masterpiece. Hearing from his friend, writer Mukhtar Magauin about the existence of an ancient statue of a Kipchak beauty, he wants to see her.

Sarzhan, who studies the art of the ancient Turks, havıng seen ın the album, given by his friend the stone statue of the beautiful Aisulu falls in love with her. Traveling to different cities, he saw in a museum, where ancient objects are collected during excavations, pieces of a stone statue and he recognized the shape of that beauty.

That was very exciting moment for him. He cannot forget her. He becomes obsessed with the question of how to make a sculpture of a beautiful woman himself. At last his idea is realized. A talented sculptor creates a dreamt statue with all his love and as a result the statue becomes alıve.

Mukhtar Magauin uses a story known in world literature, when the author, having created a true work of art, falls in love with ıt and breathes life into ıt.

At night, it calls him back in the Middle Ages. In this episode, the real life combines with the fantasy world. Starting from that night Sarzhan becomes a different person - sad, distracted, thoughtful.

The fantastic twist in the plot (Sarzhan transcends time and reality) allows the hero to live and enjoy love with a beautiful Aisulu.

Sarzhan learns that he is the leader of the Turkic army and Aisulu’s husband, that tragically died on the battlefield. Heartbroken Aisulu longed for him. Now he can see her and talk. A meeting with Aisulu opens for Sarzhan the romantic Middle Ages, the Ancient and Great culture of Nomads.

In the romantic image of Aisulu, the spirit of the ancestors of Qazaq people, the ancient Turks, is mysteriously shown. The hero does a journey to the world of Aisulu.

In the work, the hero's alienation from the physical world could be seen. In the final, the hero leaves with Aisulu in the Middle Ages. Reality seems to him transient and meaningless.

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