One of the reasons people in a vicious addiction - idleness. When he had tilled the land, engaged in trade, how could he lead an idle life?
Abay Kunanbayev

Nurmaganbetov Tynymbay

Nurmaganbetov Tynymbay

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Tynymbay Nurmaganbetov was born in 1945 in state farm "Berlik" of the Yanykurgansk region of the Kyzyl-Orda area. He was the member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

After the termination of the faculty of the Kazakh language and literature of the Kyzyl-Orda teacher training college Tynymbay Nurmaganbetov worked as the literary employee of the multi-copy newspaper "Gidrostroitel", then as the correspondent of the Kyzyl-Orda regional radio, the editor in Zhazushy publishing house.

In 1971 the collection of stories «Zapakh dyn» (Smell of melons) went out, after that the collection of stories «Proschai ata» (Farewell, grandfather...) was published in 1972, "Lastochkino gnezdo" (Swallow's nest, 1975), «Tam, gde gorit ochag» (Where burns the center, 1977). Story « Farewell, grandfather...» was recognized as the best publication of the Smena magazine for 1975.

The writer’s play «Poklonis svoemu porogu» (Bow to the threshold) had success on scenes of regional theaters of the republic.